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Travel destinations that are reopening to tourists

  • Despite nonessential travel still being discouraged in many places, some tourism-reliant destinations are beginning to hatch plans to welcome back tourists. 
  • Italy is already open to international tourists even though it saw one of Europe’s deadliest coronavirus outbreaks.
  • The Florida Keys opened to visitors June 1, though they are cutting their occupancy in half until June 15.
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From Italy to Germany, countries around the world are slowly relaxing their lockdowns, easing into a new normal that’s not quite what it was pre-pandemic, but as close to it as possible.

Conde Nast Traveller reveals Top 10 travel destinations for 2020

Conde Nast Traveller has revealed the top destinations to travel to in 2020, and a remote Australian island has made the list.

The carefully selected destination list of “to watch” in 2020, stretches from Panama to Plymouth, Sicily to Senegal and Kyoto … Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

With the 2020 Olympics also taking place next year, there are a number of great places to add to the bucket list — so here’s the top ten places you should head to next year, according to the travel magazine.

1. Portland, Maine, US

The Harbour City of Maine is not to be confused

13 Opportunities for The Tourism Industry for 2020

Every industry has trends and innovations — the tourism industry is no exception. In a rapidly-evolving landscape, new trends are appearing and taking hold all the time. Changing demographics, advances in technology, shifting social mores: these influences and others all help give rise to important new tourism trends. To find out about 13 of the top tourism trends to watch, read on.

Keeping up with the Latest Tourism Trends: Why It Matters to Your Business

Whatever aspect of the tourism sector your business is involved in, you need to keep your finger on the pulse. Formerly beloved concepts and products

Tourist spots, entertainment venues, movies, museums & more

SAN ANTONIO – As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the nation, the city of San Antonio and all of its tourist spots are taking extra precautions to limit the spread of the virus.

Several tourist and city attractions have issued statements on how they plan to combat the spreading of the virus and what precautions they currently have in place.

Here’s a consolidated list of attractions in San Antonio that are currently open or closed due to coronavirus concerns:

UPDATED March 19th @ 2:30p.m.


Tower of the Americas – OPEN

San Antonio Aquarium- OPEN

City Sightseeing

Las Vegas tourism officials yank casino ad campaign amid civil unrest

Police stand guard as protesters rally at the Trump Tower, Monday, June 1, 2020, in Las Vegas, over the death of George Floyd.

John Locher | AP

Civil unrest in Las Vegas and around the country has prompted tourism officials to yank a planned advertising campaign to promote the reopening of Nevada casinos Thursday.

“As a destination, we are always monitoring current events, locally, nationally and abroad, and thus, will pivot our plans when necessary,” according to a statement on behalf of H. Fletch Brunelle, vice president of marketing at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

The LVCVA had