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Closed attractions and travel restrictions put New York City’s $70 billion tourism industry on hold indefinitely

With Broadway theaters dark, museums and stadiums closed, and no bars letting patrons in to take a break from sweaty sidewalks, New York City looks nothing like its usual self at the height of the summer tourist season. The city’s signature features are closed for the foreseeable future, putting much of the economy on hold, and making how long it will be until tourists return a multibillion-dollar question.

And just as New York seems to have finally gotten a handle on coronavirus cases, infection rates have exploded in dozens of states, effectively dashing hopes of returning to anything resembling the

Tourism hot-spot Italy is now struggling to contain coronavirus: What to know about travel

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Italian health officials are trying to contain an outbreak that now amounts to 200 confirmed new coronavirus cases and five people dead. So what does that mean for North American tourists?

The World Economic Forum ranked Italy as the eighth-most attractive country for tourists in 2019. It was the fifth-most visited country in the world, right behind China in 2018, according to the World Tourism Organization.

Now the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus in northern Italy, where schools are closed, the Venice Carnival celebration was canceled and major soccer events were postponed, is the hardest-hit country first outside

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Covid-19 throws Europe’s tourism industry into chaos | World news

The coronavirus crisis has flung Europe’s tourism sector into chaos, with borders closed and airlines grounded. But if that is frustrating for holidaymakers, it risks ruining holiday businesses and devastating the economies that depend on them.

From the Algarve in Portugal to the Greek islands, and from the chic resorts of Italy’s Amalfi coast to the pubs and clubs of the Spanish costas, no one knows whether Europe’s holidaymakers will come this year, or how to survive if they do not.

The losses are already dramatic. The European commission estimates that the EU’s hotels and restaurants will lose half their

International travel and tourism faces catastrophe in 2020. Here’s what it needs to recover

Located a short distance from the Greek capital’s commercial center, Pi Athens ordinarily welcomes droves of American and Australian tourists this time of year.

“The concern this summer is that those who will come — if and when they do — will skip the big cities and head directly to a beach location,” Gavriel told CNN Business. “The hotel is a rented property and there are many bills to pay. I have invested in it heavily. We are hoping for some revenue in the summer but we don’t know if this is going to happen.”

Travel and tourism accounts for