Happy Times As LPGA Tour Players Reflect On Thanksgiving | LPGA

Originally from Bellefontaine, Ohio but now a Texas resident, 2018 LPGA Rookie Lindsey Weaver always loved the fall season. But Thanksgiving? Not as much. Christmas was and has always stole her heart. With a boyfriend and now fiancée whose family goes all out during Thanksgiving week, however, Weaver has come around to liking the holiday. Her favorite dish to look forward to? The cranberry sauce.

“I love the fall season. I have always been into the fall season, especially around Ohio, where my parents live, it’s beautiful. They live around a lot of rolling hills and a bunch of acreage. It’s so pretty.

“I was hoping to have a Fall wedding in Ohio (this year) but that didn’t work out. Next year, around Thanksgiving, (my fiancé and I are) getting married. Everything will be very different, but I think what I like most about Thanksgiving and Christmas is being around family and the food, obviously. And the drinks. It’s just fun to get dressed up and do all of that because we don’t really get to most of the time.

“When I was little growing up in Cleveland, we would always go over to my aunt’s and it would always be this big production. It was my dad’s half of the family and everyone would come over. I was never really that into Thanksgiving food so when we moved to Arizona when I was 11, we kind of stopped doing anything. We didn’t even have Turkey. I remember my mom would always make spaghetti for Thanksgiving. But when I was in college, one year, I was coming home from school and I said, ‘Why don’t we have a turkey this year?’ So ever since then, we started doing turkey more like normal people.

“When I was in high school and started dating Zach, he, his parents, and his family friends, and their kids and their best friends, they would always get together. Two families, and it was this whole production. You get there in the morning, you cook all day, and you eat at 3 p.m. and then it was always this big thing for them. Once we started dating, I would go over obviously, so we still do that now. We are going to Phoenix this year to be with his parents and their family friends.

“We do the turkey, the stuffing, and we even do ham. Our family friends are very social, so they invite friends who kind of trickle in throughout the day. We have 20 people. We do the green beans, there is always some type of casserole, and stuffing which I like a lot. I am more of a ham girl as opposed to turkey but I’m getting more into the turkey now with the gravy. We do the cranberry sauce and obviously pumpkin pie. Last year, we brought apple pie. Last year, I did this really intricate cheese board. Zach makes this really good guacamole. We sort of have a grab bag.”