Kenny Chesney reschedules 2021 tour, including stop at Busch Stadium again | News Headlines

ST. LOUIS ( — Kenny Chesney has rescheduled his 2021 tour dates for 2022, including a performance scheduled at Busch Stadium this summer.

The concert was originally scheduled for June 13, 2020 then pushed back to July of 2021. However, the country singer’s tour has been postponed yet again. The new date for Chesney’s Chillaxification tour has not been set but fans should expect an announcement later this year. 

“We have waited for so long, I can’t play knowing I would disappoint a portion of No Shoes Nation who wouldn’t be able to get into the stadiums and the amphitheaters,” Chesney said. “There’s no way around that this year. As much I hate postponing further, I would hate telling people who waited we won’t be able to let them come due to capacity restrictions. That’s just not fair.”

The post said that tickets are automatically valid for the rescheduled show. It also said refund options will be available after that show is announced.

In June 2020, Chesney wrote a note sympathizing with his fans:

“We have done everything possible… and things I’m not even sure we would’ve though of three months ago. Myself and my team have talked to medical experts, city commissioners, team owners, building staff, the NFL, often daily, because coming out to play for you is everything to us.

When we postponed our first wave of shows, no one would have imagined we’d be here today… Still wondering still uncertain. But as I said, when we postponed those first dates, I will not take chanced with people I care about.

I’ve laid awake many nights thinking about this, not wanting to disappoint all the people who are with us every summer… some who fly from all over the country to meet up, people who’re coming for the first time… friends who’ve met at the tailgate or the Sandbar. No Shoes Nation is not just people buying a ticket to a show, and I know that. I care, because you guys care so very much.

But that’s exactly why…

1) I wanted to tell you guys first

2) I hate everything about what I’m about to say

No one has tried harder than my team to make the 220 Chillaxification Tour a reality… Sadly, we can’t find a way to make it safe, to navigate water that’s just not getting any clearer.

For that reason, we have to postpone this year’s tour. We are hoping to have the entire schedule for 2021 finalized quickly. Right now, though, it’s you and me and that’s what matters.”