New limitations: West Midlands tourist attractions react to Tier 3 news

Dudley Zoo and Castle will be opening from Wednesday but with new limitations.

Zoo manager Matt Lewis said: “Despite being placed in Tier 3, we’re thankful Dudley Zoo and Castle is being allowed to reopen again from Wednesday and we’re offering discounted entry for December visitors.

“Although there will be new limitations, including the closure of all indoor animal exhibits, being an outdoor attraction allows us to deliver an enjoyable day out for all the family with ample space for social distancing while seeing some of the rarest animals in the world.

“And we have plenty of Covid-safe procedures in place from earlier in the year, including hand sanitisers, an online pre-booking system and a one-way route around the 40-acre site, which has proved extremely popular with visitors.

“Throughout December we’re also offering 25 per cent off all full-priced adult and child admission and hope Tier 3 residents will continue supporting us throughout the coming weeks.”

Wild Zoo director Zachary Hollinshead

As Wild Zoo in Bobbington is also outside that will also be opening in the coming days.

Wild Zoo director Zachary Hollinshead said: “We’re completely outside and we’re very vigilant with social distancing.

“We have compulsory mask wearing now outside.

“We’re still closed at the moment but we plan to reopen a few days after the lockdown is lifted, but we will be absolutely following all of the guidelines.

“We will be lowering the numbers we allow in too.

“Normally we struggle during the winter, the only thing that will get us through is the run up to Christmas so hopefully can all go as planned but it will be great to open, we can’t wait to welcome people back.”

Newhampton Arts Centre in Wolverhampton will not be able to reopen, but says this was not unexpected.

A spokesman for Newhampton Arts Centre said: “The decision to place Wolverhampton into Tier 3, while not welcome, was not unexpected.

“NAC has already planned for this eventuality and rescheduled its planned Christmas show, Mystery and Mischief in Moonmin Valley, to Easter 2021.

“In the coming days, as more detailed guidance emerges, we will look at all activity taking place onsite and consult with Public Health to ensure it is safe to continue. NAC has been fully compliant with local and national guidance since its re-opening in May and will continue to put the safety of its site users, residents and staff first.

“We thank everyone for their continued understanding and support.”