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Taylor Swift cancels tour due to ‘unprecedented pandemic’: ‘I’m so sorry’

Taylor Swift has canceled the remaining shows of her “Lover Fest” tour due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Swift, 31, took to her social media accounts on Friday to share the “sad” update for her fans.

“I love coming on here to tell you good news, or to share a new project with you. It’s not my favorite thing in the world to have to tell you news I’m sad about. I’m so sorry, but I cannot reschedule the shows that we’ve postponed. Although refunds have been available since we first postponed the Lover Fest shows, many of you

Halsey Cancels Manic World Tour: ‘Safety Is the Priority’

Halsey announced Friday that her Manic World Tour, scheduled for 2020 but postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, has officially been canceled.

“Safety is the priority. I wish things were different,” the singer tweeted Friday. “I love you. Dreaming of seeing your faces again.”

The North American leg of the singer’s Manic Tour in support of her 2020 LP was scheduled to begin in June 2020. However, with a return

Pence cancels vacation in Florida: report

Vice President Pence reportedly canceled his plans to travel to Florida this week for a vacation as President Trump launches legal efforts to contest the results of several states in the 2020 election.

Mike Pence wearing a suit and tie: Pence cancels vacation in Florida: report

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Pence cancels vacation in Florida: report

The Washington Post reported Tuesday evening that Pence was no longer planning to leave Washington, though he has remained out of the spotlight so far in the president’s efforts to raise suspicion about the 2020 election results. A request for comment from the vice president’s office was not immediately returned.

An FAA advisory indicated yesterday that the vice