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Tucker Carlson to Take ‘Long-Planned’ Vacation After Blake Neff’s Resignation

The Fox News star Tucker Carlson said on Monday evening that he would leave on a vacation, starting immediately, days after a writer on his program, Blake Neff, resigned over racist, sexist and misogynist messages that Mr. Neff published pseudonymously on an online message board.

Mr. Carlson told viewers that he would return to his show next week and described the vacation as “long planned,” suggesting that his time off had been set before Mr. Neff was revealed on Friday as the author of the offensive posts.

It was not the first time that Mr. Carlson has announced that he

Confirmed: Fox knew of allegations against Tucker Carlson before his pre-planned vacation

Fox News learned the details of sexual harassment allegations against top network host Tucker Carlson on July 9, four days before Carlson announced on the air that he would be taking a “long-planned” vacation, Salon has confirmed.

Carlson, who claims to have gone into journalism after a career in the CIA failed to pan out, was named in a sweeping and graphic sexual misconduct lawsuit which two women filed against the network Monday in a New York federal court.

The women, Jennifer Eckhart and Cathy Areu, alleged rape and sexual harassment at the hands of some of Fox News’

Tucker Carlson to Take Vacation Amid Staffer Controversy

Tucker Carlson, one of Fox News Channel’s most-watched hosts, said he would take a pre-planned vacation as his primetime program comes under intense scrutiny.

Carlson announced his plans Monday  in the wake of a new controversy surrounding his program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” after a CNN report last week revealed one of his top writers, Blake Neff, had posted racist and misogynist remarks over a long period on an online forum, AutoAdmit, largely used by law students. That staffer resigned from Fox News, and the network’s top executives condemned his postings over the weekend.

“We don’t endorse

Tucker Carlson announces vacation after writer resigns over racist remarks | Media

The Fox News host Tucker Carlson responded to the resignation of senior writer Blake Neff on Monday night, saying racist and misogynistic comments Neff made on an online forum were “wrong”, but adding that the writer had paid a “very heavy price”.

Carlson also said he was taking a “long-planned” vacation. He did not say it was connected to Neff’s resignation, which was announced last week after a CNN investigation found that he had written on the online forum under a pseudonym for years.

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