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Coronavirus travel advice for campers

Thinking of going camping this summer? Or maybe a family glamping holiday? In the era of coronavirus (Covid-19) it’s important to plan your holiday accordingly and consider your safety before you book a trip. To help you find the information you need, we’ve put together this comprehensive travel advice for campers, so that you can plan with confidence and return to the world of camping as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Our absolute priority at Cool Camping is the health of campers, campsite owners and society as a whole. It’s important that we all work together to keep

After coronavirus, your next road trip may look like this

Few things having to do with travel will be unchanged in the post-coronavirus world, but of all the ways we travel, the all-American road trip may be least affected — at least, from a regulatory standpoint. No one will tell you to wear a mask or take your temperature or demand blood work before you hit the road this summer.

But questions abound about this American institution, including whether it’s safe — at least, safer than airline travel.

Here’s what your road trip of the future may look like:

Is driving safer than flying?

People are increasingly looking at car

Busy tourist attractions, airports empty amid coronavirus outbreak

(CNN) — In the last few years, the biggest buzzword in travel has been overtourism, used to decry the way that some popular cities, attractions and destinations have become too popular.

But now the pendulum is swinging in the other direction as a result of the novel coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China and has since trickled around the world, from Japan and Italy to the United States.

Many countries have restricted travelers from China, which is the world’s largest travel market, thus guaranteeing a decline in visitors.

And that’s not all.

Airlines have asked staffers to take unpaid leave

Coronavirus Pandemic Drove U.S. Home Buyers Toward Vacation Towns

National property broker Redfin is reporting U.S. housing markets in vacation destinations and relatively affordable suburbs of big cities have heated up more than any other area over the last year, a time period that starts with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Places like Lake Tahoe, Cape Cod, and suburbs of Chicago and New York City are gaining popularity as homebuyers take advantage of remote-work policies to prioritize affordability and personal preferences like proximity to nature and recreation over living near the office.

This is according to a Redfin

‘Come back soon’: coronavirus wreaks havoc on global tourism hotspots | World news

Most February evenings, it’s a struggle to push through the crowds to get to Yanakawee Srialam’s souvenir stall in Bangkok’s Ratchada Train night market. It’s peak tourism season and the market’s alleyways would normally be heaving with visitors.

But Chinese tourists, the vast majority of Srialam’s usual customers, have all but disappeared. His best-selling items now include disposable face masks, which have surpassed sales of souvenirs such as pad Thai fridge magnets.

China has stopped all outbound tour groups from leaving the country in a bid to halt the spread of coronavirus and encouraged citizens to reconsider travelling abroad.