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Trump nabs hours of free airtime on Fox as he stages his comeback tour

On Thursday and Friday, Trump was on three different Fox News shows and two right-leaning radio shows (one of which is hosted by Fox News’ Mark Levin). In total, he racked up approximately four hours of free airtime, which in turn produced an “echo” since the outlets repeat his talking points without much fact checking.

In one notable segment Friday, Trump appeared with Fox’s Dr. Marc Siegel, who gave the president a bizarre medical assessment.

“It sounded like something … that you would see an authoritarian do on a state-run television network out in some other country,” remarked CNN’s Senior

All the times Fox News hosts went on “vacation”: A Salon investigation

Fox News personality and frozen food heir-apparent Tucker McNear Swanson Carlson drew eye-rolls Monday when he told viewers that he was embarking on a “pre-planned vacation,” widely understood to be a euphemism for a network timeout.

His respite, however, was uncannily timed to an onslaught of criticism after CNN revealed that the show’s longtime top writer had been secretly posting vile and hateful comments on the internet for years. It also comes on the heels of a marked escalation in Carlson’s own race-baiting rhetoric, which Carlson pushed far enough to draw accusations of hate speech.

Although Carlson

Confirmed: Fox knew of allegations against Tucker Carlson before his pre-planned vacation

Fox News learned the details of sexual harassment allegations against top network host Tucker Carlson on July 9, four days before Carlson announced on the air that he would be taking a “long-planned” vacation, Salon has confirmed.

Carlson, who claims to have gone into journalism after a career in the CIA failed to pan out, was named in a sweeping and graphic sexual misconduct lawsuit which two women filed against the network Monday in a New York federal court.

The women, Jennifer Eckhart and Cathy Areu, alleged rape and sexual harassment at the hands of some of Fox News’