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Which was the best Grand Tour of the 2020 season?

This year has been a tough one thanks to the global pandemic, but we were lucky enough to get all three of the Grand Tours after doubts they would go ahead at all in 2020.

This year saw three of the closest Grand Tours on record with the racing going right down to the wire in all of the three week long races around France, Italy and Spain.

Of course, Coronavirus did mean that they were not in their usual spots on the calendar with the Tour being the first of the three to happen in August/September, but that didn’t

When is the next episode of The Grand Tour season 4 on Amazon Prime Video?

The Grand Tour season 4 – The Grand Tour Presents, in other words – started in late 2019 with an episode called, err, ‘Seamen’. That episode hosted Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond as they travelled Cambodia and Vietnam by boat, an exotic romp which amounted to a fun departure from the trio’s other journeys.

Since then, fans have been twiddling their thumbs in wait for the next episode of The Grand Tour, which we know is on its way on an unspecified date this year. While it hasn’t been included in the list of new shows coming to

The next episode of The Grand Tour looks like it’s releasing on Amazon Prime at the end of 2020

Still waiting for the next episode of The Grand Tour season 4? Well, if you were hoping for an imminent release, the long-awaited Madagascar special of The Grand Tour Presents is not on Amazon Prime Video US’s schedule for October – which has recently been widely circulated by media outlets over the past few days. 

Since Amazon has previously confirmed that the special is releasing this year, with filming already completed before the pandemic, that means you’re going to see it in November or December now (barring a surprise release). That’s around a year after the release of the