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Tour de France 2020: The Essential Guide

The world has changed dramatically since the route of the 2020 Tour de France was unveiled last October. The 3,470-kilometre route remains the same, but the global COVID-19 pandemic means that it will be a Tour de France like no other.

The race dates have changed from July to late August/September, and the riders’ preparation and teams’ selections have changed, leaving everyone fresh, on form and hungrier then ever to win during the short but intense rescheduled season. Everyone on the race will have to respect strict medical protocols to limit the risk of the COVID-19 virus emerging in

The Ultimate Truck Camping Guide For 2020

Last Updated on January 2, 2021

COVID-19 isolated yet freed us at the same time. Before COVID, most Americans dreamed of traveling the world. But even after lockdowns, Americans are beginning to realize their travel dreams CAN still happen after remote work became mainstream. Why pay for expensive rent and be stuck in one place when you can live rent-free and travel anywhere?

That’s why van life is booming right now. But is van life the best solution?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably chosen van life. But I have found a far better (but massively underhyped) option:

Your Guide To A Camping Road Trip In A Tesla Or Other EV

Many are taking summer road trips — especially since all overseas tourism is off — but they are

naturally concerned about the risks of catching Covid-19 and of violating lockdown orders that protect others. Many wonder if a camping road trip, in an RV or with a tent, is a good choice. After all, by sleeping in your own tent or RV, you won’t be exposed to the virus or expose others. Being outdoors is generally safe if you don’t get into crowds outside your household.