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Can you visit Baja now? Maybe. Here’s what you need to know

Is this the time for a vacation in Baja?

Absolutely not, says California’s governor, backed by legions of local and state health officials who discourage nonessential travel and are alarmed by the continued spread of COVID-19 on both sides of the border.

Yes, say scores of Mexican hoteliers and travel industry workers, desperate for income and eager to explain new safety measures.

Check with the U.S. government, and the answer depends on which agency you ask — and whether you’re driving or flying.

Meanwhile, scores of hotels in Baja California have opened in recent weeks, betting that thousands of Americans

Here’s how safe it is to book a vacation rental right now

If the thought of spending the summer stuck in that same old cramped house or apartment has you sweating already, you’re not alone. Summer plans have been upended due to covid-19, but warmer weather has many folks eager to socially distance in greener pastures. With work-from-home guidelines still in place for a lot of the country, a road trip to an extended stay offers a chance to get a change of scenery, give the kids space to run around and have some semblance of a summer while continuing to avoid crowds. But, how safe is it to book a vacation

Still Have Most of Your 2020 Vacation Days? Here’s How to Use Them

Here’s what it’s like playing the PGA Tour as an 18-year-old

akshay bhatia swings

Akshay Bhatia is playing in his sixth PGA Tour event of the season.

Getty Images

Akshay Bhatia isn’t like most 18-year-olds.

For most kids Bhatia’s age, mid-August marks the beginning of their college journey — packing up their rooms, saying goodbye to lifelong friends and embarking for various campuses throughout the country. For Bhatia, mid-Augusta means prepping for the Wyndham Championship — his first PGA Tour event since becoming a legal adult.

A teenager playing in a Tour event is nothing new — Jordan Spieth famously made the cut at the Byron Nelson as

International travel and tourism faces catastrophe in 2020. Here’s what it needs to recover

Located a short distance from the Greek capital’s commercial center, Pi Athens ordinarily welcomes droves of American and Australian tourists this time of year.

“The concern this summer is that those who will come — if and when they do — will skip the big cities and head directly to a beach location,” Gavriel told CNN Business. “The hotel is a rented property and there are many bills to pay. I have invested in it heavily. We are hoping for some revenue in the summer but we don’t know if this is going to happen.”

Travel and tourism accounts for