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RV Industry Leader Gigi Stetler is Calling on all Victims of Marcus Lemonis – Star of CNBC’s The Profit and CEO of Camping World

Dover, Delaware, Aug. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dover, Delaware — Respected RV industry leader and President of the RV Advisor Consumer Association (RVACA) Gigi Stetler is issuing a nationwide alert to all businesses and individuals who are approached by Marcus Lemonis – the star of CNBC’s “The Profit” and the CEO of Camping World.

“Unfortunately, Lemonis is the false profit. Every week I get contacted by individuals who have fallen victim to Lemonis’ predatorial and unscrupulous business tactics. Some have been outlined in an incredible Inc. exposé by Will Yakowicz, but since CNBC has yet to remove him

August 10, 2020: Outdoor Industry News

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How to build diversity in camping: Start by taking a hard look at access (or lack thereof) to gear. [Los Angeles Times]

Climbing in China: American climber Mike Dobie has been trying to promote his sport in China for years. Recent anti-Chinese sentiment, fueled by the Trump administration, is complicating things. [Outside Online]

Shortage of outdoor gear: Another story of demand outpacing supply has cropped up, this time in Sonoma County, California. [Sonoma Index-Tribune]

Colorado gear shop closes new location: The short-lived second location of Vital Outdoors,

Opportunities for The Tourism Industry

Industries are continually disrupted by new trends and new innovations, and the tourism industry is no exception to this. Keeping pace with these emerging tourism trends can help businesses to stay competitive and cater to the needs of customers. Nevertheless, with COVID as a backdrop, some of these needs have evolved, priorities have shifted, and entirely new requirements have emerged. Read on to learn much more about the key trends within tourism.

Keeping up with the Latest Tourism Trends: Why It Matters to Your Business

Whatever aspect of the tourism sector your business is involved in, you need to keep

Can California’s tourism industry survive a year unlike any other? | US news

Summers are always busy in Big Sur, the picturesque region in northern California known for towering forests that give way to sweeping cliffs and sandy beaches. But this summer has been unlike any other, as the state reckons with a global pandemic and historic wildfires.

Like many scenic small towns in California, Big Sur’s local economy relies heavily on the tourist traffic that sweeps through every summer. It seemed like the kind of place that could have been hit hard by a nosedive in tourism.

But according to Diana Ballantyne, the general manager of a campground and resort tucked

Michigan tourism industry says 2020 will be “a year simply to survive”

CBS News is chronicling what has changed for the lives of residents across the nation in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Heidi Gesiakowski and her husband Joel opened Taste, a small plates and martini restaurant, in South Haven, a beach town on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, in 2013.

When the coronavirus pandemic struck, Taste could only offer takeout service for several weeks and revenue took a hit. Business started to pick back up to more normal levels in June when dine-in service could resume at half capacity. It came just as the critical summer tourism season was