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Hawaii vacation news and deals: July 21, 2020


Wow, it’s been nearly five months, February 25th to be exact, since we wrote our last edition of Hawaii vacation news and deals. This ever-changing coronavirus era has been everyone’s recent focus. Even though Hawaii is not currently open to visitors without a 14-day quarantine, there are some newsworthy items to keep you informed.

(For our newer readers, our editions of Hawaii vacation deals and news are a collection of news items and deals that are of interest to tourists. We generally write them once or twice a month.)

– Hawaii’s national parks are partially reopening. At the present time,

Happy 4th Of July To A Non-Travelling America

So where are you going on this fine Fourth of July weekend, 2020? Will you celebrate your independence with a trip to the mountains? To a lake? The beach?

Is this finally the weekend to head out to Mount Rushmore? Or grip the grimy handrail on a San Francisco cable car? No alcohol on an airplane should be no obstacle.

Perhaps you’ve found some way to defy Europe’s ban on Americans due to our high coronavirus rate, and set across the Atlantic to wave an American flag at the Place des