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Locals raise alarm on 525 overcamping

525 Overrun: Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal land west of Sedona that includes the western foothills, Forest Road 525 and Bill Grey Road has seen a dramatic increase in camping and public use. This is the first in a series of stories

It’s red rock county, but without the city.

The foothills of the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness Area west of Sedona mesmerize with their views of sculpted cliffs and rolling desert hills.

The area starts around the Bear Mountain Trailhead on Boynton Pass Road and extends to Honanki Heritage site. It can be accessed from

Locals Tell Us What Top Tourist Spots Feel Like Now

For the past two months, many of the world’s most popular destinations have been shuttered to visitors, leaving monuments, museums, shops, restaurants, bars and streets almost empty.

As the world reopens and residents step out, they are faced with the reality that life today is different than it was before Covid-19, and will likely remain this way for some time. One of the most significant differences — a bittersweet realization for most — is that there are currently no tourists to attend to or crowds to shuffle through.

We asked people in 11 of the most overtouristed places around the