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Local tourist attractions plan return

WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS – For Mary Kay Wydra, the president of the Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau, 2020 was not a good year.

“It was challenging year to say the least,” She told Reminder Publishing.

Tourism is not only big business for the commonwealth, it’s big business for Hampden and Hampshire counties.

According to the state-wide 2018 statistics (the latest available) from the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT) Direct spending was $24.2 billion; State and local taxes: $1.6 billion; Jobs supported: 153,200; Wages paid: $5.6 billion; 27.6 Million Domestic Visitors: 1.8 Million Overseas Visitors; and 700,000 Canadian

Americans plan to take an additional week of vacation this year

Following a year where for many, every aspect of life – from work, school, daycare, and even vacation – was spent under one roof, in 2021 people worldwide are more determined than ever to use up all the vacation days they’ve earned.

According to the annual Vacation Deprivation study from Expedia®, in 2021 Americans plan to take an extra week (five days) of vacation. With this new “no days left behind” mindset, Vacation Deprivation is well on its way to becoming a thing of the past.

Expedia first launched the annual study more than two decades ago to illustrate the

Escapes: Baja, Vegas and Plan B

Greetings, travelers and those who would like to be.

There’s plenty for us to think about right now. The potential risks and rewards of a jaunt to Baja California. The measures it might take to execute a safe, affordable drive up the California coast. Campgrounds opening, campgrounds still shut. Passports in slow motion. Drama in Las Vegas. An L.A. driving tour. Or 57 L.A. walking tours.

PGA TOUR update on Health & Safety Plan; Champ back in Detroit field

PGA TOUR Statement: Health & Safety Plan Updates

NEW – Change to policy re: players who test positive but are asymptomatic 

Since the inception of the PGA TOUR Health and Safety Plan, the TOUR’s policy for all positive test results for players and caddies requires a minimum 10-day self-isolation period, based on the Centers for Disease Control’s time-based protocols.

Now that the TOUR is in week four of its Return to Golf and following several asymptomatic positive tests followed by negative tests – and after direct consultation with the CDC – we are transitioning to the CDC’s test-based model, with