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See animals at Griffith Park and Point Reyes in California

By Rachel Schnalzer
Design and illustrations by Jade Cuevas

Good morning, fellow adventurers. Earlier this week, L.A. County declared a new coronavirus surge, which means we must remain mindful as we plan our travel for the coming weeks and months. Mask wearing is important, and travelers should be vigilant about avoiding crowded destinations.

Fortunately, some of California’s most awe-inspiring places are isolated — and home to an impressive array of wildlife. Here are three open spaces where you can spot animals while remaining socially distanced from others.

The New Pandemic Flash Point: Your Vacation

Michael Huxley has been getting called out a lot lately. His sin? Traveling during the coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Huxley flew to Spain from Liverpool a few weeks ago and has been on a handful of trips within Britain since the onset of the pandemic, upsetting friends, family and strangers, who say he should stay home in order to lessen the risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

“I’ve been getting criticism in my professional life and from people in my personal life,” said Mr. Huxley, who runs the blog Bemused Backpacker. “Some come at it from an ethical point of