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Hawaii vacation rentals down 37% in November 2020

In November 2020, the total monthly supply of statewide vacation rentals was 555,000 unit nights (-34.5%) and monthly demand was 175,400 unit nights (-69.9%), resulting in an average monthly unit occupancy of 31.6 percent (-37.0 percentage points).

In comparison, Hawaii’s hotels had an average occupancy rate of 22.1 percent in November 2020. It is important to note that unlike hotels, condominium hotels, timeshare resorts and vacation rental units are not necessarily available year-round or each day of the month and often accommodate a larger number of guests than traditional hotel rooms. The unit average daily rate (ADR) for vacation rental

Some hotels, rentals bend California COVID-19 travel rules

Confused about whether it’s OK to stay in a hotel or vacation rental under California’s stricter stay-home rules? You aren’t alone.

Our unscientific survey of more than 50 hotels, motels and other lodgings showed widely mixed results, with the order garnering stronger allegiance in Northern California, weaker in Southern California.

The governor’s Dec. 3 order said lodgings in high-COVID areas of the state are open only to “essential workers” or people who must quarantine, not to vacationers. Still, many lodgings are leaving travelers to make their own decisions. And many travelers continue to scratch their heads or look for loopholes.

The Bright Spot in 2020 Travel: U.S. Vacation Rentals See Higher ADRs, Revenue, and Adj. Pd. Occupancy

The Bright Spot in 2020 Travel: U.S. Vacation Rentals See Higher ADRs, Revenue, and Adj. Pd. Occupancy

If there was a bright spot for travel in 2020, it was found in the vacation rental industry.

US performance data provided today by Key Data shows that professionally managed vacation rentals are having a better year than was expected when COVID-19 transformed our way of life, but the narrative has been a story of haves and have nots.

In the United States, overall average daily rates (ADRs), revenue per property, and adjusted paid occupancy improved in 2020, year to date (YTD), over

I-Team: La Quinta residents sound off on Short-term vacation rentals

The City of La Quinta continues to work on addressing a rising number of residential complaints over short-term vacation rental properties as it tries to hold onto a big source of tax revenue those same properties generate.

“It can’t just be a money grab,” said a resident Christopher Mikulenka at a recent city council meeting. “That’s what it really is right now. That’s what we feel like. We’re losing our neighborhood right now.”

Complaints from Mikulenka and other residents soared this summer as out-of-towners fled to the desert for safe pandemic vacation getaways. STVR properties provide one opportunity to recreate

‘They Come To Party’: Vacation Rentals Cause Problems At Downtown San Diego High-Rise

In San Diego’s East Village, six blocks from Petco Park, two towers — one red, one yellow — represent the tallest residential buildings in the city. At 45 stories, the luxury high-rise apartments stand side by side and feature picturesque views of Coronado, the downtown skyline and the mountains of East County.

But the yellow tower, named Pinnacle on the Park, is known as the party building, where stir-crazy revelers have gone to blow off steam after stay at home orders relaxed in May.

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