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Top Ten Best Places In America To Travel Right Now And Avoid The Pandemic

We’re all pent up from seven months of coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions in one way or another.

Daylight savings time and shorter days are also closing in, while case count hotspots are spiking across the majority of U.S. states, particularly in the central and upper Midwest and West, portending a potentially long and isolating first COVID-19 winter.

Notwithstanding the pandemic’s second wave, however, now is one of the major times of year when Americans feel the itch to travel, hit the road for the holidays, or in the “new normal”, just need to get out of the house and clear

The Lonely Planet Top Ten Tourism Countries For 2020

It’s vacation time, but where to go? After all, with air travel cheaper and more accessible than ever before (despite the obvious and entirely credible ecological concerns) you literally have the entire world to choose from. 

And while you could just blindly stick a pin in a map like in the days of yore, you could also take a more pragmatic approach and see what those in the know have to say on the matter. And if you’re asking, the travel addicts at Lonely Planet are a great place to start. 

With an eye firmly on 2020, the Lonely Planet