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SAN ANTONIO – As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the nation, the city of San Antonio and all of its tourist spots are taking extra precautions to limit the spread of the virus.

Several tourist and city attractions have issued statements on how they plan to combat the spreading of the virus and what precautions they currently have in place.

Here’s a consolidated list of attractions in San Antonio that are currently open or closed due to coronavirus concerns:

UPDATED March 19th @ 2:30p.m.


Tower of the Americas – OPEN

San Antonio Aquarium- OPEN

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The World’s Best Value Tourist Attractions for 2020

The Peterhof Grand Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia is the world’s top attraction in 2020 based on value, according to new research from Club Med.

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The study analyzed 66 of the world’s most-visited tourist attractions, comparing their admission fees to social media sentiment and scoring each out of 10. With an entry fee of under $10 and a perfect online sentiment score of 100 percent, the Peterhof Palace earns an impressive 9.6.

Utah’s Great Salt Lake; the Giza pyramid complex in Cairo, Egypt; Colorado’s Rocky Mountains National Park and the Colosseum in Rome round out the top