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Here’s how travel will change after the Covid-19 pandemic recedes

The coronavirus has devastated economies around the world and disrupted life in ways that were unimaginable just a few months ago. The world will never be the same. But at some point, industries will start coming back online and people will start going out again.

We asked travel industry experts for their thoughts on what will restore confidence for people to begin traveling once the Covid-19 pandemic finally recedes. In the latest installment of our series “The Next Normal,” we look at where and how we’ll actually travel once we’re willing to hit the road again.



New Travel Research Shows 2020 Camping Interest, Activity Exceeded Spring Predictions | News

BILLINGS, Mont., Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Leisure travelers predicted in May that their first trip once COVID-19 travel restrictions were lifted would be a camping trip, and the results of the fall special edition of Kampgrounds of America’s annual North American Camping Report suggest that those predictions exceeded travelers’ intended level of participation. The “Growth of Camping Amid COVID-19: A Fall 2020 Update” shows that 21% of leisure travelers took a camping trip this summer once restrictions were lifted. One-fourth of North American campers indicate that their first camping experience occurred since the start of the pandemic, and

10 Trending Travel Destinations to Watch in 2020| SmarterTravel

Wondering where to go in 2020 for an amazing deal, to beat the crowds, or for a truly once-in-a-lifetime travel experience? These destinations are on travel addicts’ radar for rightfully hyped 2020 events, new offerings, and recent developments that make them a must-visit right now.

Trending Travel Destinations for 2020

Here are the hottest and most up-and-coming destinations to watch this year for new and exciting travel trends.


shibuya crossing tokyo japan.
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Even if you’re not heading to the Olympics in Tokyo this summer, Japan is catering to visitors throughout 2020 and beyond via exciting developments that come with hosting. New

Key West is one of the hottest U.S. travel destinations

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and travelers are ready to travel.

And a lot of them apparently are eager to travel to Key West.

Tripadvisor just released its 2021 Travelers’ Choice Awards for Destinations, and Key West is among the most popular destinations for travel in the United States, falling behind New York, Maui, Las Vegas and New Orleans.

Key West’s popularity makes sense. More than half of the respondents to a recent Tripadvisor survey reported they were likely to take an outdoor or nature-focused trip after the pandemic. Key West is the sort of lawless island where

The Future of Travel and Tourism After the Coronavirus Pandemic

As we enter the first summer of this new era of pandemics, a tenuous easing of travel restrictions has begun. This month, the countries of the European Union will reopen their internal borders, and they plan to allow travel from outside the block some time in July. Singapore and China have begun permitting essential travel between them, but only for passengers who test negative for the coronavirus, use a contact-tracing app, and don’t deviate from their itinerary. Iceland will allow tourists, but it plans to test them for the virus at the airport.

Grounded for many months, airlines are beefing