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‘Vacation in place’ – but not quarantine: Tourism rebranding mandatory lock-ins for Oct 15 relaunch

Minister of Tourism and Aviation Dionisio D’Aguilar.


Tribune Senior Reporter


THE Ministry of Tourism is recommending hotels throughout the country resume full operations and use of beaches on October 15, Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar said Monday.

“This will allow our land-based tourism industry enough time to slowly ramp up to benefit from the traditional Thanksgiving travel period leading into the Christmas and New Year season,” he said during a press conference.

Mr D’Aguilar said he hopes there can be full re-opening of the tourism sector by early November with tourism officials eying November 1 for the

European vacation? Not in 2020 as pandemic turns summer tourism into lean season

BRUGES, Belgium — Bruges mayor Dirk De fauw first realized something was desperately wrong with European tourism when on a brisk March morning he crossed the Burg square in front of the Gothic city hall and there was nothing but silence.

“There are always people. Always,” De fauw said. That morning?

“Nothing. Nobody is on that large square” at the heart of one of Europe’s most picturesque cities, he said.

Six months later, as Europe’s meanest tourist summer season in history is starting to draw to a close, COVID-19 is yet to loosen its suffocating grip on the continent.


Appropriateness of short-term vacation rentals continues to stir debate

Short-term vacation rentals have been a topic of debate for homeowners and visitors vacationing here in the Coachella Valley amid the pandemic. Now, Cathedral City moving forward with its phase-out plans.

A quiet neighborhood in the Cathedral City could see some changes with its short term vacation rentals. 

“I think it’s about time and it’s gotten out of hand and I think there are way too many of them currently in the city it just seems that way,” said Keith Coleman.

Keith Coleman has lived in the cove area for over 30 years. And with at least a dozen STVR

Hawaii’s vacation rentals hard hit in June by lockdowns and low travel demand

The lifting of COVID-19-related emergency vacation rental bans on the neighbor islands for the back half of June improved statewide vacation rental performance, but just barely.

Statewide vacation rental occupancy in June rose to 13.8%, a number that was 59.8 percentage points behind June 2019 but better than the prior month. In June 2020, the total monthly supply of statewide vacation rentals fell 61.5% to 339,441 unit nights and monthly demand fell 92.8% to 46,719 unit nights.

In comparison, only 9% of short-term units statewide were occupied in May, a month when emergency bans were active on all islands

Best Places To Buy A Vacation Rental Home In 2020

Here’s the best places to buy a vacation rental home in 2020. Rented.com recently teamed with Weiss Analytics for its annual deep dive into the economics of owning a vacation rental home. Research criteria included comparing “the cost of homeownership, short-term revenue potential, cost to acquire and annual appreciation as well as projected changes in asset value.”

It’s no surprise that drive-to destinations are in demand. The report concludes, “trends have made a dramatic shift to drive-to destinations. This might be short term, but for now, markets within 2-5 hours