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Virtual roll call at Democratic convention delights with digital tour of U.S.

Democrats took their roll call on the road this year, turning a mostly sleepy procedural moment into a heartwarming virtual tour of the United States of America.

Convention roll calls — when each state comes forward and announces how many delegates it is awarding to each candidate — are known for being lengthy and sometimes tedious during the in-person event, as each state likes to use its brief speaking time to talk itself up.

But this year’s Democratic National Convention announced its delegate allocation with a video showing stunning views, personal stories and even a few cows as representatives of

Virtual Tour, real national championships: Daily News Digest

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Hello CyclingTips readers,

The return to the racing season continues to roll on in its haphazard fashion.

The Virtual Tour de France, back for a second weekend, saw riders race on the virtual roads of France, with wins from some names you’ve probably heard of and some that you may not have. There was also the withdrawal of an entire team, with an excuse that probably hasn’t been used before in the history of the sport, but may be used again.

Meanwhile, in Switzerland, there was