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Did You Miss Out on Vacation This Year? You’re Not Alone

In a typical year, New York employees of the magazine publisher Condé Nast must use their vacation days before late December or lose them — a common policy across corporate America.

But early this month, the company sent employees an email saying they could carry up to five vacation days into next year, an apparent acknowledgment that many scrimped on days off amid the long hours and travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic. “The carry-over will be automatic, and there is nothing further you need to do,” the email said.

Condé Nast was not alone in scrambling to make end-of-year

You’re probably not camping at Yosemite this summer

The door is closing fast on camping in Yosemite this summer.

Though the park has been open by reservation to day-trippers and lodging guests since June 11, almost all of its campgrounds remain closed, reopening dates unknown. Park officials, trying to limit pandemic spread, have been gradually canceling reservations (made before the pandemic) every week or two.

The great exception is Yosemite Valley’s Upper Pines campground, which has about 240 sites, but it is operating at half-capacity (for distancing purposes) and is booked far ahead.

In emails to reservation holders this week, Yosemite’s park management warned that previous reservations for